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Hello and welcome to the SAKK SAFETY LLC web site.  Our mission is "To make accessing a flat parapet style roof safer."  The SAKK® MAT is the revolutionary product that will make our mission come true. After numerous prototypes, tests and revisions, the SAKK® MAT is ready for commercial use. The SAKK® MAT has been tested for strength (see product info page tech. data sheet) and durability (see images/video page).  SAKK Safety LLC recently had a group of market research students from the University of Wisconsin - Parkside conduct a survey on fall prevention in the construction industry.  One question asked construction managers and tradesmen to rate their concern with the safety of their workers and themselves when accessing a flat parapet style roof from an extension ladder. 90% of those surveyed agreed that ladder safety was a concern.  94% of those surveyed stated they would be interested in using the SAKK® MAT when accessing a flat parapet style roof. The goal at SAKK Safety LLC is to make each job site safer. The SAKK® MAT is made from recycled materials and, in order to eliminate the possibility of contaminated materials, the SAKK® MAT only utilizes materials that have never been in a landfill.

Proudly made in the U.S.of A.

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Custom sizes available upon request.

The SAAK Mat

made in the USA

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